Chris Hill: Short Bio

Chris Hill Media has been in business for 15 years, and has produced over 150 web sites. Chris Hill has 35 years of experience as an editor, writer, innovator and project manager. Values-driven nonprofits and businesses are his primary clients. They are attracted by his ability to create web sites that foster community, by his focus on content management systems that empower clients to manage their own sites, by his ability to listen to clients and help them identify their needs and organize their sites, and by his reasonable prices. His experience runs from the large and high-profile to the small and intimate.

  • He wrote the grants for and managed a $4 million, multi-year USDA-funded web development project for the Rodale Institute that required creativity and intense project management skills.
  • He founded the Philadelphia City Paper, a well-known and well-respected weekly newspaper in Philadelphia.
  • He has produced web sites large and small for over 75 nonprofits and advocacy organizations and dozens of small businesses.
  • He has taught courses at Albright College in Reading, PA on writing for the web.

Key Strengths

We bring a writer & editor’s perspective to web building. Clarity, simplicity, and effective communication above all. As a writer and editor with over 35 years of experience, Chris Hill can help organizations articulate and communicate their values and information effectively.

Specialize in empowering clients to take control of their own web sites.
Have built dozens of sites with easy-to-use content management systems–primarily WordPress–that allow organizations and businesses to keep their sites updated and active.

Over a decade of experience with database and online tool development. Have built a wide range of complex, interactive online tools that are easy to use on the front end.

Experts at community building online. Have developed dozens of sites with community-building tools and features, from discussion forums, email newsletters and blogs to facilitating reader input through online forms, contests, polls and surveys.

We specialize in working with nonprofits and other organizations and businesses driven by values. As someone who has worked and served within the nonprofit world, Chris Hill understands the contraints and challenges, and is flexible in adapting to changing circumstances, leadership and needs.

Chris Hill is a trained interviewer and an excellent listener who can help clients clarify their needs and goals.

We’re creative. We do our research. And we’re not afraid to recommend alternative approaches we think will better serve our clients.

SEO-Friendly Sites: Search engine optimization

There are no great secrets to increasing visibility and presence on the web, and to improving your search engine rankings (see below). And now, with new tools available through WordPress plug-ins, SEO optimization is even easier and more effective.

  • You must use language on your web site, in prominent places, that features the terms and phrases you expect people to use when searching for your site. (The higher up on the site, and the bolder the type, the better your search engine ranking for that term will be.)
  • You must name your pages so that they incorporate key words
  • You must update your site frequently.
  • You must insure that other sites link to your site (this is an important factor that search engines use when weighting the value of your site).
  • You must drive traffic to your site through traditional means: press releases that always mention the web site; business cards with the web site featured; e-newsletters that drive people back to your site; and printed mailings that always feature your web site prominently.

I make sure that all of my web sites, and all of my clients, follow these basic rules, and it pays off in increased traffic and better search engine rankings. In addition, we insure that an internal site map is updated regularly, and that the site is registered with the major search engines.