how we work

Our structured development process ensures that you get the web site structure, features and services you and your customers or members needs

We develop web sites, large and small, for our clients: from small businesses and non-profits to large member organizations.

  • We specialize in content management systems that give you the ability to easily update and manage your web site–no special software or skills required–effectively handing you the keys to control of your web site, without costly ongoing technical and design management. We offer content management solutions that are affordable to any business or organization.
  • For clients with less-frequently updated web sites–or smaller budgets–we create simple, attractive html sites using cascading style sheets. For very little money, we can then provide updates as you need them.
  • For clients who want us to handle all updates and management of the site, we provide reasonable rates on the regular writing, editing, design and content updating required of an active site.

our web development process

Anyone can slap a set of web pages on the internet. Few can create a web site that is an effective extension of your business or organizational mission—and a critical part of your outreach and service to clients, customers or members.

  • We help you come up with the right voice, style and approach to meeting the needs of your community or customer base on the web.
  • We help you organize your information and services in a way that is easy and intuitive for visitors to access and use.
  • We help you select the appropriate tools and services you need to engage creatively and effectively with your customers, clients, members or target audience.

How do we do that?

  • It starts with initial interviews to gather information and insight so that we can help you clarify your goals and desired outcomes for the web site.
  • We follow with a firm cost proposal that provides a detailed estimate the scope of work and the costs.
  • Once there is agreement on the scope of the web site, a web site name and domain name are agreed upon and registered (if that hasn’t been done yet), followed by a simple contract that outlines mutual roles and responsibilities.
  • Initial mock-ups are designed showing the proposed structure, navigation, look and feel of the site. These are revised and refined based on your feedback.
  • Next, site development begins, including development of all agreed upon tools and features.
  • Training is provided in use of the content management system, web editor or other tools, such as email newsletters or photo galleries.

tools and services we bring to you

Our long experience as writers and editors  guarantees engaging and compelling content and effective outreach.

Our robust suite of available online tools and services allows us to help you choose the features that best serve your needs:

  • WordPress: We used to develop websites using a variety of content management systems, but have settled on WordPress, which is a widely used platform with easy-to-use tools for building and maintaining web pages, posting blog content, inviting reader comment, connecting with social media, and much more.
  • Responsive design: Websites that are optimized for display on phone, tablet and desktop.
  • SEO: Built-in tools for optimizing your placement on search engines.
  • Dynamic community building tools: email newsletters, classifieds, discussion forums, event calendars, blogs, user contributed content, reader comments, and strong social media connections.
  • Member services: online donations, searchable resource and contact directories, online surveys, member-only areas.
  • E-commerce and online transactions: event payment and registration, shopping cart services, member sign-up and payment.